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Developed an IT Administrator Toolkit allowing network administrators to push wireless adapter settings, connection profiles and driver/software updates to remote machines across corporate network. Developed Intel ProSet driver update for Windows Update. 
Worked along Intuit’s team on Shared Product Components and e-Delivery system providing update and self patching mechanism to Intuit’s existing product lines including Turbo Tax and POS. Added enhancements, fixed bugs and performance tuning, such as start up time and memory consumption of the e-Delivery library.
Re-architected an existing web application used to manage Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider partners as well as their customers. The new architecture allows managing multiple partners and their customers by decoupling the sub services into their own standalone, reusable and deployable services. This allowed the company to provide a customized/branded Azure subscription management tool to their Azure partners. ​​​
Designed and developed the Flex Service, supporting both SOAP and REST protocols, as the major component of the company’s Flex product. The service manages the entire treatment process for orthopedic patients recovering from knee surgery. The service connects physicians to their patients allowing the physicians to assign and schedule daily exercises to their patients and monitor their recovery progress. The service collects results including Range of Motion from each patient’s mobile app and performs real-time compliance analysis for each patient and presents the results to the physicians. 
Hired for the development of DSL Installation application walking DSL consumers through variety of DSL requirement checkpoints, deploying all needed network components, detecting required network hardware, including USB modems and NIC cards.
Developed the infrastructure for live deployments of Verizon's products and service fulfillments for existing customers. 
Led a team of engineers for development of LPL’s new products: Business Plan Manager and Business Report Manager allowing the financial advisors to set production goals and customized set of activities as well as obtaining customized reports based on consolidated data from various sources, These two products boast Service Oriented Architecture employing WCF and .Net 3.0
Used WCF to implement Federated Authentication model using SAML token. ​​​
Hired by the Eudora division, to design and develop a UI installer application to facilitate selection and installation of bundled products shipped with Eudora CD. 
​ A Digital On-Demand Company

Designed an n-tier attachment service that can be called by any existing or future products to provide attachmentupload and download as well as synchronization functionality. Developed using .Net 4.0 and WCF this service can handle large multi gigabyte files and synchronize them among multiple clients. 
As a major publishing company specializing in medical training libraries, William & Wilkins hired REALCODE Development for design and engineering of four interactive multimedia CD titles. Through random case simulations, these programs were designed to instruct the healthcare professionals to make proper assessments in emergency situations. 
Designed, developed an application called Package Builder; which composes all elements of an audio CD into one metafile ideal for digital delivery over a broadband network. Package Builder captures audio data from an audio CD to DDP format, creates MP3/WMA previews from each track, stores album’s text data into one XML file, imports all CD artwork materials and finally packs all pieces into one compressed and encrypted metafile to be deployed for future in-store production.​​