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Software development from concept to delivery 
Software architecture and  Life Cycle review and assessment 
Creating a technology roadmap to support your business strategy
Why Us.
Our expert team begins with creative problem-solving grounded in an understanding of your business strategy, architecture and organization. We meet with your key stakeholders to define your challenges and opportunities. Together we review your current technology roadmap, including your methodologies, toolset, and products, and decide how success will be defined for this effort. This research-driven approach conceptualizes the solution and the corresponding design and architecture. Through this process we eliminate guessing and create a shared vision for the solution.
Everything About Software Technology
  1. Software Architecture
    At REALCODE we adhere to proven software design and architecutre patterns to address the constant balance between steadily changing technology; dynamic business requirments, as well as scalability, extensisblity and integration with diverse systems without increasing the cost of software development and the complexity of software systems.​​
  2. Software Development
    REALCODE's mature Agile development capabilities help you create innovative, engaging products and services, while simultaneously ensuring rapid time to market.
  3. Cloud Solutions
    REALCODE drives your digital transformation by building cloud apps, modernizing your legacy applications, enabling as-a-service models. We help you innovate at scale with modern cloud-native architectures, built with high agility, self-service cloud infrastructure, and delivered at velocity using devops, continuous delivery & automation. We specialize in next generation apps using twelve factor principles, microservices architectures, anti-fragility designs, APIs and container technology. We take full advantage of cost, scalability, elasticity and performance benefits offered by the cloud to develop robust, scalable apps which are easier to iterate or change, and perform with low latency under high and variable degrees of load.
  4. Database Design and Modeling
    Your database is the central nervous system of your business! We provide customized, business-specific solutions and creates effective data models that meet your current and evolving needs.
  5. SDLC Assessment
    Every software product or services needs ongoing updates to meet business needs. Our Software Development Life Cycle assessment is about making sure you have the proper process, planning, tooling, and QA to minimize risk while maximizing predictability through continuous integration.
  6. Desktop Applications
    Our team has extensive experince building responsive Rich-UI desktop applications using some of the most modern UI development and data visualization tools and libraries.
  7. Performance Assessment and optimization
    Performance, both responsiveness and scalability, is critical to the success of todays software systems. Many software products fail to meet their performance requirements when they are initially constructed. Fixing these problems is costly and causes schedule delays, cost overruns, lost productivity, damaged customer relations, missed market windows, lost revenues, and a host of other difficulties. In extreme cases, it may not be possible to fix performance problems without extensive redesign and re-implementation. In those cases, the project either becomes an infinite sink for time and money, or it is, mercifully, canceled
  8. Mobile App Develpment
    REALCODE creates world-class mobile applications for all platforms, devices, and across the spectrum of mobile applications from native, hybrid, HTML5 and web-based.
  9. System Integration
    We have experience helping clients with the architecture, design, and development of service-oriented architecture (SOA) and other integration platform solutions to allow information sharing and management between business partners, processes, and systems–and to help enable effective end-to-end business processes.
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